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iPad and iOS 4 Custom Font Loading

Based on the response I received to my last post about Custom Fonts on the iPad and iOS 4, iOS font handling and Core Text are a bit of a mystery to many iOS developers. Because of that, I’ll focus on Core Text for my next few #idevblogaday posts. This week, the spotlight is on […]

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Custom Fonts on the iPad and iOS 4

In the old days (you know, before the iPad and iOS 4), text layout in iOS was not for the faint of heart. A developer who wanted more than UILabel could provide was forced to manually layout and draw text with Quartz. Those days are gone now thanks to Core Text and it sibling CATextLayer. […]

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Fun With Core Animation: Shutter Transition

It’s all over the Twitter now that I forgot about my first #idevblogaday post. So, in the interest of hitting my deadline (and keeping my slot), this post will be quick. I’ll also keep the subject matter squarely in my wheelhouse: Core Animation. While preparing the material for my half-day workshop at iPhone/iPad DevCon at […]

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